Business Plan Service: Turning Desire into Startup

Alex, May 8, 2015, 8:10 am

Why use a business plan service? A comprehensive customized business plan that is supported by in-depth research and analysis is an important first step on the path towards startup and fund raising.

The Small Business Administration says that small businesses make up over 99.7 percent of U.S. employer firms and account for over 49 percent of private sector employment. This is the best indicator of the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in the economy. However, having the desire to start a business and finding the best route to making it happen are two entirely different things.

Laser-Sharp Focus

The business plan is an important document that helps the entrepreneur develop a laser-sharp focus on business success elements, like the target market and startup costs. It helps turn desire into reality. For this reason, millions of entrepreneurs choose to use a business plan service that has proven success writing plans that are realistic and able to attract investors. Some of the advantages include:

1.  Access to the service’s network of investors and assistance with customizing the business plan to attract the particular type of investor most likely to be interested in the proposal

2.  Assistance with getting in front of the angel investors, equity investors, or others as appropriate

3.  Customization of the information in the business plan so that entrepreneur starts with a solid foundation

4.  Access to business professionals with experience in specialized areas like writing an immigration business plan or a business plan for applying for a Small Business Administration loan

5.  Access to a range of business expertise that crosses industries, giving entrepreneurs a broad market perspective

6.  Application of best practices, leading to a high-quality business plan that the entrepreneur will use to keep the startup on track for long-term sustainability

There are many reasons to use a business plan service. However, it is important to select one that has proven itself many times over in the development of customized business plans and the successful matching of startup to investors.

TS Business Plan has proven success in creating customized business plans that attract investors and support loan requests. Each consultant assigned to a client’s team has ten or more years of business experience. Teams are carefully assembled to ensure representatives have specific and regional industry experience that is relevant to the client’s startup.


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