E-2 Business Plan for Investment by Non-Citizen

Alex, April 20, 2015, 10:16 am

The U.S. government has developed a number of programs to encourage foreign investments in new business startups and expansions. One of them is the E-2 visa program which applies to visa applicants who are not U.S. citizens but are interested in making business investments in the U.S. The application process requires a high level of detail because the investor is not a citizen, and the government only wants to bring in foreign investors who support the economy but do not compete head on with U.S. businesses in a way that harms their businesses.

The government wants assurance a real business is proposed. The visa application process requires an E-2 business plan which demonstrates the proposed business:

  • Is not marginal
  • Will hire non-family employees, thus contributing to job growth
  • Is proposed by a national who comes from a country on the treaty list maintained by the U.S.
  • Has adequate capital to invest to qualify for the E-2 visa
  • Is using legal and legitimate funds for active investment
  • Is close to being opened through advanced planning
  • Will be personally managed by the investor
  • Will be managed by an investor who has the necessary skills

The E-2 business plan is a critical document supporting the visa application because it gives the entrepreneur the opportunity to explain in detail how the business owner and business meet the requirements. It also includes required supporting documents like five years of tax returns from their origin country. The ultimate goal is to reassure the U.S. government that this is a legitimate business opportunity. However, the business plan is also critical to the success of the new business because it lays out a roadmap for startup and ongoing operations.

It is important to rely on professionals who understand the unique requirements of the E-2 business plan. The approval of the new business is dependent on the quality of the business plan. It can also be used to apply for additional investors in the new business once it is approved.

TS Business Plan has a cadre of professional business people who have extensive experience developing E-2 business plans. Understanding the specific government requirements is critical to getting approval. Contact TS business Plan by completing the online contact form and begin a process leading to business and investment success.



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