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Alex, May 8, 2015, 6:16 am

Do you know how your customers are landing on the business website? It is one thing to count visits, but it is another thing all together to have the statistics that tell the business exactly how the customers found the website among the millions of others that exist. Without that information, it is impossible to know the paths people are taking to get to the website. It is also good information to have when it is time to expand and the business needs to find investors.

There are many different ways people can land on a website, and there are different actions they can take once on the landing page. For example, a customer may use a search engine result that takes the person to the website where a purchase is made. Another person takes a different path by clicking on a link on a Facebook page which takes the person to the website that she promptly clicks away from to browse a competitor’s website.

Investing Resources the Right Way

Identifying the internet marketing strategies that work and do not work is the only way to know if business resources are being invested in the right way. Website analytics or web analytics can provide invaluable insight into customer behaviors. Google Analytics is a free service that lets any size business track critical audience data and statistics.

Following are the major categories of analytics:

Source of website traffic – What routes are people taking to reach the website? Are they coming from blogs, mobile apps, social media, advertising, organic search keywords, referrals, and/promotional campaigns?

Geographical data – Where is the customer traffic coming from? Is it mostly local or coming from a particular country?

Bounce rate – How much time do website visitors stay on the site? People can land on the website and within seconds decide to leave it. On the other hand, they can stay and browse pages, hopefully buying something at some point. The bounce rate is the rate at which website visitors land on the site and quickly leave. A high bounce rate means website visitors are not finding the website offers what they were looking for, the website is unattractive or confusing, or there is no easy-to-find call-to-action.

Time spent on the website – How long do people stay on the website? If they leave quickly, it likely means they found the website to be lacking in content or too confusing so it is not worth trying to figure it out.

Conversions – What are people doing when they choose to stay on the website? Of course, the goal is to convince them to take action like buying products or services, joining an email list, signing up for a newsletter, instant messaging a customer service representative, and so on.

Google Analytics is not the only free analytics service, but freemiums provide all basic website traffic information. Larger companies with multiple locations can purchase services that provide more sophisticated tracking.

Stronger Business

The important step business owners should take is using the analytics to improve business results. If people are quickly leaving the website, then it is time to find out why. If they are searching for items that are not sold, then it is likely time to add them. If people are coming mostly from a particular geographic area, then it might be time to expand.

The action taken depends on the results of the analytics. They are excellent tools for keeping the website responsive to customer needs.


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